The Third Act

The only constant in life is change.”

Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher.

Welcome to another update to This Adult Child. This is the third re-direct, and may not be the last. In the beginning my intention was to educate and support Adult Children of Alcoholics through podcasting. I set a goal to publish a podcast and I did it. In the end it didn’t feel quite right, so I decided not to create another podcast.

If you have ever met me you know I LOVE interacting with people. I have been told I have a great energy. Turns out, sitting in my basement in my mattress lined closet talking into a microphone is not the way I want to be in support.

When I got the idea to do the podcast it felt very twilight zonesque. I had been re-introduced to the ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics, a 12 step program), I had just been introduced to podcasts, and then I listened to Big Magic By Elizabeth Gilbert. In Big Magic Gilbert talks about her opinion that ideas want to be manifest in the world, they are floating around waiting for the right person to come along. These ideas come into our consciousness and we can choose to partner with them, or not.

When the idea to create the podcast attacked me one morning while I was meditating, I felt electrified. I was excited to use my voice to speak about the ACA and my experience as an Adult Child. This is a topic people are not talking about, but which affects a great number of people around the world.

When recently revisiting Big Magic, something else Gilbert said really hit home for me. If we are to live creative lives, it’s important to do it for ourselves. If we do something with the soul intent to save others, others can feel the heaviness of that intent. If we want to live the best creative lives, we do it for ourselves and if it helps others, great!

This has inspired the most recent update to This Adult Child. I am not here to save anyone but myself. The idea of writing in a structured way to provide information about the ACA, felt really heavy and un-motivating to me. This made keeping up with my website a drag. If I am not in love with what I am creating, then it’s quite wild to expect anyone else to enjoy it.

I am here to share myself with you. If my thoughts, feelings, and experiences help you, that’s the cherry on top!

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