Why I am Here, Creating This Podcast

My name is Tessandra and I am here with a desire in my heart to inform people about what it is to be an Adult Child. I want to support my fellow travelers on their healing journey. And, I want to brake the “don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel,” mantra we have deeply ingrained within us from our childhoods.

If you are a fellow Adult Child, Welcome! If you are unsure if you are an Adult Child, Welcome! I intend to create a space for all; where love, compassion, and understanding reign.

If you have made it here, then there is probably some part of you longing for something more. There is an unsettled part of you desperate to MAKE everything OK. To make everyone OK. Always looking outside ourselves has caused us much suffering. Our hearts are ready for a rest. Come in friend, take a load off.

This Adult Child is a safe place, where I intend to share about Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families (ACA). Some people have heard me say dysfunctional and chime back “What’s normal these days anyway?” I will agree with the point of dysfunction being rampant, but does that mean we must accept it as the norm?

I have made a choice to strive for emotional sobriety with the support of my twelve step, twelve tradition ACA group. I want to share what this group is about, and hope to support others looking to heal.

I am in the ACA because I want to end the generational dysfunction past down to me by my alcoholic parents. I am a parent and I what my daughter to group up in an environment where she feels safe to share her thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I want her to know an excepting unconditional love, no matter what! I wish her to experience:

  • a loving relationship with herself and others
  • Making wise choices about what she does with her body
  • Going for her hearts desires
  • Communicating with loving kindness even in the face of anger or fear
  • The joy of taking personal responsibility in her life
  • An abundance of self worth, knowing she’s loved and cherished
  • An open perspective, always willing to expand and grow
  • A life filled with Love and Appreciation

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