The Insignificance of Significant Days

Welcome to 2020! Here we are at the “start” of another year, but what does that mean? Doesn’t each person’s year start on the day of their birth? Therefore, shouldn’t we treat birthdays as Happy New Years? My opinion is no. Throw out Christmas, Valentines Day, kill the Easter Bunny, and no more birthdays.

I know what you might be thinking, this lady is a life coach? This person considers her self a optimist, a Polly Anna even? Yes! I do consider myself these things.

Please hear me out. When we are waiting for pay day, for a holiday, a birthday, or whatever day you personally value, we often miss out on today. This moment, here and now.

You might look at your three day old PJ pants, cold beverage, television and think, what’s special about this moment? Well, nothing when we’re just waiting for something better to come along. We are missing our lives.

I asked someone I met recently, “How long have you been with the company?” To which they replied “Something like three years, but I don’t know I try not to pay attention.” Another person when asked how they were doing stated, “Just trying to stay distracted.”

WHAT!?!? I am disheartened by this numbing out which is so common place. The constant cascade of nothing, but feeling endlessly busy. Do you know this person? “I never have any time. Did you see the next season of (whatever the hell is new) is out? I just binge watched the whole thing!”

I spent most of my life checked out. I would always have the TV or radio on so I wouldn’t have to be alone with my thoughts. I would gossip, focusing on everyone else, but never looking at my own reality. But I could only run so far, for so long. In the end the suffering was daily. Always fighting with reality.

So what is the point? When we numb the dark, the hurt, the anger, we also numb the light, the joy, and the peace. We can’t see the beauty around us. We don’t enjoy the rain, or sunshine, or anything. We are just getting to the next thing. Treading water.

Why wait until Mother’s Day to send flowers, anniversaries to give gifts, Earth Day to express appreciation and gratitude. Don’t wait.

Dear friend, take a moment now. Take a deep breath in, completely fill your lungs with air. Relax and release. Slow down. See the wonder all around you.

This is your life, don’t you want to be present for it? Dare to engage. Dare to give 100% to everything you do. Dare to live this one life you have been gifted by the universe.

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