Check Inside

I decided to knit and watch the movie Click staring Adam Sandler last night. I like the moral of this story. In the movie (spoiler if you haven’t seen it) Sandler is looking for the next big break at work, putting his family on hold until some day when things get better, when he is given a “universal” remote control. The remote starts to fast forward automatically through all the things he’s chosen to skip. He realizes how much he is missing out on, but it’s too late.

This movie got me thinking about the things I do or have done in the past to check out of my life. Netflix, hours and hours of Netflix. Drinking. Sleeping. Complaining. Texting. Facebooking. Eating. Doing: i.e. cleaning, straightening, driving, and being unnecessarily busy. Anything to avoid my life, my reality.

In the past two years something has greatly shifted in my life. Through readings and training as a Life Coach, I have come to love being with myself. I drive to work in silence, enjoying the scenery. I have tools to help me know who I am. Now I watch only select shows or movies, and only occasionally. No drinking. I have amazing sleep habits. I stay aware of my judgments of others, and what those judgments say about me.

So dear friends, when the day is hard, and the burden is heavy, and you want to check out, I implore you to check inside. What are you needing in this moment? What thoughts are you believing? What does your heart say?

We have this life to live in the here and now, we may not come by this way again. May you feel the peace within you. The stillness. The love. I love the song lyrics love the one your with. I am, who, I am with, and I love me!

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