Say yes to life! Say yes to the rain, snow, and wind. Say yes to the bills, the unforseen car repair, the loss of a loved one. Say yes, because to say no is to waste your precious life energy fight what is or what has been.

I hate this weather one might think. This means I hate this moment, I hate what is. How does it feel to think we hate what is? It feels like a struggle, unpleasant, angry.

How do we show up in our lives when we fight what is? Tense, hostile, aggressive.

Say what you will about this thinking but when I accept what is I feel great joy, when I fight I suffer.

Example: “Someone needs to push carts.” My team lead states. “I’d love too!” I reply. I feel joy, enthusiasm, harmony, inner peace. Yes even when it’s cold and/or snowing. I say yes to the weather too!

When there are several drive ups and guests needing help, if I start to think I can’t do it all, why isn’t anyone helping, this is unfair. I suffer. I’m frantic, bitchy, and angry.

Think about where This might be true for you. Saying yes to life makes sense to me.

These concepts are discussed by great minds such as Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Michael A Singer, Jack Canfield, Susan Jeffers, and many more.

2 thoughts on “Yes

  1. Brilliant post. I am especially impressed by your wisdom in realizing what “I hate this weather” actually means.

    So much has to do with expectations. High expectations are great to have for some things, but when we set high expectations for such things as the weather, we are bound to make ourselves overly pessimistic and miserable.


    1. Thanks for your comment Paul. I agree expectations can be a great thing, but when we hold so ridge to them we can break. When we hold the belief someone should or shouldn’t have done the thing they did, we suffer. What is the reality? They did or didn’t do what WE thought they should. Who are we to know what is right for another? We can be far more peaceful if we except reality as it is.

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