Recent Thoughts

I will take action from a place of loving kindness. I will accept, with loving kindness, the choices of others. Through the darkness my light will shine. I am willing to always live my values; Acceptance, Generosity, Integrity, Service, and Learning. Nothing’s personal, From The Four Agreements: ‚ÄĚNothing others do is because of you. WhatContinue reading “Recent Thoughts”

Adult Child, not an Immature Adult

Being an Adult Child does not mean a person is immature. In fact, growing up I heard all the time “your’re so grown up for your age.” This is because as a child growing up in an alcoholic/dysfunctional home I had to learn things well before my time. At times I had to provide myContinue reading “Adult Child, not an Immature Adult”

Why I am Here, Creating This Podcast

My name is Tessandra and I am here with a desire in my heart to inform people about what it is to be an Adult Child. I want to support my fellow travelers on their healing journey. And, I want to brake the “don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel,” mantra we have deeply ingrained withinContinue reading “Why I am Here, Creating This Podcast”