A Moment in the Darkness

The past week or so I found myself truly struggling. I was overcome by thoughts about not being good enough, not having enough, not doing enough, and on, and on. I know these things aren’t true, but when I am in the grips of them it’s hard to see a way out. My partner andContinue reading “A Moment in the Darkness”

Proud Pollyanna

In the book Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway, Susan Jeffers talks about the Pollyanna attitude. She points out pessimism is no more realistic than optimism. Pollyanna an excessively or blindly optimistic person Dictionary.com She begs the question why do we see optimism as unrealistic? I ask. What’s realistic about Murphy’s Law, what canContinue reading “Proud Pollyanna”

Check Inside

I decided to knit and watch the movie Click staring Adam Sandler last night. I like the moral of this story. In the movie (spoiler if you haven’t seen it) Sandler is looking for the next big break at work, putting his family on hold until some day when things get better, when he isContinue reading “Check Inside”

The Good, The Bad, & The Healing

I sing because you sung I tell stories because you told stories I try new things because you tried new things I create because you were creative I dance because you danced I am affectionate because I saw you be affectionate I drank because you drank I yelled because you yelled I criticized myself becauseContinue reading “The Good, The Bad, & The Healing”

More About Unsolicited Advice Girl

A valuable lesson I discovered on my continual journey of self exploration is, I never gave anyone advice I didn’t need to hear myself. Ponder this, what do you hate in others? “Look at these drunks wasting their lives in a bar.” I would exclaim from the other end of the bar two shots overContinue reading “More About Unsolicited Advice Girl”

The Insignificance of Significant Days

Welcome to 2020! Here we are at the “start” of another year, but what does that mean? Doesn’t each person’s year start on the day of their birth? Therefore, shouldn’t we treat birthdays as Happy New Years? My opinion is no. Throw out Christmas, Valentines Day, kill the Easter Bunny, and no more birthdays. IContinue reading “The Insignificance of Significant Days”